Doomsday miscalculation ?

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A new report suggests that the Mayan prophecy of the doomsday December 12, 2012 may have been miscalculated by nearly 50-100 years during the conversion of the Mayan calendar to our own Gregorian. So far, it seems that the planets are far from lining up as predicted, according to Parke Kunkel, Professor of Astronomy at Minneapolis. The Mayan myth predicted that the Earth and Sun will line up with the Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way at the time of the end of the Mayan calendar, with about 600 days to go, and its not simply happening.

The Mayan calendar (shown in the diagram, recreated by a modern craftsman) is based on periods of 394.25 years called b’ak’tuns, each individually comprising of 20 katuns or cycle of the ancient long Mayan calendar. The heyday of the Mayan civilization itself was around the 8th and 9th b’ak’tuns of the current calendar cycle, which ends on December 12, 2012. However, according to some Mayan experts, after that date, the new 13th b’ak’tun will start, post-apocalypse or not.

The current b’ak’tun which started in 1618 AD shortly after the Spanish conquest of Lake Peten, and the capture of King Kan Ek, brought in great change, and is associated with the Mayan belief that each new b’ak’tun is associated with a new world order. So how exactly did the idea of an apocalypse come about ? It had to do more with th construction of the Mayan calendar, where only periods up to the 12th b’ak’tuns were depicted as a practical necessity, not going too far into the future. The fact that the post-2012 period wasn’t shown in no way implies that the world is coming to an end. In the end, sensationalism often triumphs over simpler explanations.

However, another obscure Mayan prophesy apparently claimed that a rogue planet will crash into Earth at the end of the 12th b’ak’tun bringing in a new world order, perhaps as an analogous event to a giant meteorite bringing an end to the dinosaurs. However, if that was to happen, the rogue planet would have appeared in the Southern hemisphere by now.

Source : Tom Lyden / FOX 9 News

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  2. Esteem says:

    Fox News.

    Nevertheless, there still seems to be a lot of misconception about what the 2012 calendar date is about.

    Several sources state that the calendar is not astronomical (i.e. planet alignments are irrelevant), and there isn’t a Doomsday prophecy per-se either.

    By systematically studying space-time closely its elements (and/or lack-of them thereof) become more and more apparent.


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