[Video] Eugenie Scott : Why Science Is Agnostic

May 1st, 2011 | By | Category: Philosphical thoughts
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Eugenie Scott of the National Center for Science Education (USA) calls herself an atheist for personal reasons; which she says has nothing to do with her scientific worldviews. The role of science she states in this video is to stick to ‘methodological naturalism’ – explain phenomenon in the natural world according to its mechanisms which we can logically analyse and re-test. On the other hand, philosophical materialism, the view that everything there is can be explained as matter and energy, she says is a view that is not endorsed or ‘proven’ by science :  theologists who ‘see the Hand of God’ in all creation have an equally valid scientific standpoint based on their personal interpretation of the same facts that prompt atheists to deny the existence of God. A classic point in question is evolution – where theological beliefs that God had a hand in guiding evolution or there wasn’t any God involved are equally valid philosophical premises, based on the methodological observations that science provides.

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