What is it like to be a Quantum Activist ?

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Amit Goswami PhD, Professor Emeritus of Physics of the University of Oregon (USA) coined ‘Quantum Activism’ as a genuine new paradigm shift in our understanding of God. On his website www.quantumactivist.com, he has set up a community (342 members on the date of writing), urging them to join the revolution bridging ‘Science and God’.

Before joining any sort of activism in the name of science or religion, we decided at Metta-Physics.com to try and understand the basis of this revolution, and this is the summary of what we understood so far :

1. Material objects in this view don’t exist apart from being ‘possibilities to choose from’ (to quote Dr. Goswami in his trailer of the movie ‘The Quantum Activist’ ).

2. There is very definite Scientific evidence of God and it has been described as ‘scientific and objective’ (again refer to movie trailer’).

3. Science has been described as ‘analytical and reductive’, and therefore scientific questions pertaining to the existence of an objective wholeness (called ‘God’) are not relevant. (movie trailer again !)

But being the bunch of skeptics we are, we were faced with the following concerns :

1. Who exactly is looking for scientific proof of God’s existence ? Scientists or believers or atheists ? And why is it exactly necessary ?

2. How can a theory of interactions of matter-energy at a fundamental level be used to advance a view that matter does not exist ? If a theory isn’t complete enough, does it mean we have to throw the baby out with the water ?

3. “All the paradoxes of quantum physics can be solved if we accept consciousness as the ground of being”.(Excerpt from page aptly named “Scientific proof of existence of God” – link here.) Well that’s definitely one of anthropic interpretations of the current paradoxes like Quantum Entanglement and so on, but isn’t a bit premature to present it as a final solution on existence ? Whats wrong with accepting gracefully that its one of the things we just don’t know ?

Meanwhile at Metta-Physics we continue to hold the non-revolutionary view that both science and religion are different and distinct domains of human experience, and although there is a significant amount of insights at he interface, to justify one with the other is perhaps unnecessary. Just as, to explain and experience the totality are completely distinct functions of our mind.

Link to the trailer on ‘The Quantum Activist’ in our video gallery here.

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