How to stay healthy chewing with care – using mindfulness against obesity.

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Although there appears to be an entire industry busy tackling the modern obesity epidemic, the  increase  in the  magnitude of the problem   seems to be unrelenting.  Although everyone seems to know the methods and proven fat burners which are effective in losing weight,  and also the principles of sensible nutrition like the Diet Tips From The Diet Dynamo which are important to prevent obesity,  in practice it’s extremely difficult to alter one’s eating behaviour, and if losing weight worries you because of your breast, don’t worry there are natural ways to get your breast back after weight loss. Some people resort to other practices like doing exercise changing their diet and complement it with some supplement like or with snacks for after your gym workout and are successfully able to lose weight.

Only in recent years the idea, that  developing a habit of  eating of mindfully or being absorbed in the act of eating  with awareness, could be used  as an anti-obesity tool been investigated and been adopted into clinical practice. The  basic premise for a mindfulness-based eating program  the is rather simple:  we tackle the problem of craving for food head on, and being fully aware of  the thoughts and sensations  that the presence of food automatically triggers off, we achieve better control over our eating habits, if you are looking for health stability then I suggest you go check out for some great tips.


“When the waitress asked if I wanted my pizza cut into four or eight slices, I said, ‘Four. I don’t think I can eat eight.’”

-Yogi Berra



One such a recently published study (1),  aptly titled mindful eating and living (MEAL),  was carried out in an institutional setting (YMCA),  using group-based classes over six weeks based on “training in mindfulness meditation, mindful eating, and group discussion, with emphasis on awareness of body sensations, emotions, and triggers to overeat.”  Although information about the caloric value of foods and  general nutrition was provided, the focus of the intervention was completely different from general weight reduction programs:   it was the element of meditation associated with the act of eating that was repeatedly highlighted through audio programs, meditation sessions and group discussions. Exercise is one of the main activities you wan to think of when health comes to your mind, using a body shapewear on your daily routine can help you get the shape you desire, and if you suffer of any faciitis problems on your feet don’t worry because there is now shoes for plantar fasciitis so you can workout normally, you can also contact a flat feet orthotics for help. is the site for you if you have any claims about your dental health, they will get all your problems solved.

Over the six-week period, all the participants in the study lost weight, and  a reduction in C–reactive protein ( a  blood protein marker of  inflammation often seen  to be raised in obesity)  in nearly all cases. In addition there was a significant reduction in levels of anxiety  noted by the participants, which was thought to  have been a significant factor in the first place leading to overeating, although, it is important to mention that they were also using maeng da to control the anxiety.

Mindfulness-based weight reduction programs are often based on the premise that  obese individuals  often lose touch with the internal cues that are vital for regulated eating– a sense of fullness after eating food, satiety, taste and the satisfaction obtained.   Such  loss of  the appreciation of the normal sensations   associated with eating  is often replaced by impulsive eating, leading to a vicious cycle of mindless eating. Mindfulness restores  the lost art of chewing carefully  focusing on on the foods in our mouth,  while being aware of the various sensations including a sense of fullness,  and being aware of  our own responsibility towards our selves  in not adopting harmful eating behaviours.

Who says meditation and spirituality in general does not encourage  us to enjoy our meals  ?


Pilot study: Mindful Eating and Living (MEAL): Weight, eating behavior, and psychological outcomes associated with a mindfulness-based intervention for people with obesity and bad credit payday loans direct lenders no credit check.

Jeanne Dalen, Bruce W. Smith, Brian M. Shelley, Anita Lee Sloan, Lisa Leahigh and Debbie Begay. (Oregon Research Institute and University of New Mexico, USA)

Complementary Therapies in MedicineVolume 18, Issue 6, December 2010, Pages 260-264

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