Lawrence Krauss on the Foundations of Nothingness as the basis of the Physical Universe

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Theoretical physicist Lawrence Kross, Professor of Physics at the University of Arizona, described by Richard Dawkins as the ‘Woody Allen of Theoretical Physics’ describes in a remarkable non-mathematical way the current Big Picture of cosmology and its philosophical implications, which often turn religious through its sheer uniqueness.

In this remarkable talk, Lawrence Kross explains why current cosmological data from the microwave background radiation provides a direct way of measuring the weight of the universe, and a measure of its flatness. Its flatness is the only model that supports the notion that the Universe could have been born out of nothing out of tiny quantum fluctuations. There are big areas where we practically know nothing about – like dark energy and matter comprising more than 70 % of the Universe. He touches upon Hubble, Kepler, Einstein all as part of a great cosmology story which has started taking shape, now looking for an integration with the quantum theory, to form what he calls the ‘Theory of Anything.’

“At best, you can substantiate a hypothesis by ruling out, statistically, a whole long list of competing hypotheses, every one that has ever been proposed. After a while your adversaries and competitors will give up trying to think of alternative hypotheses, or else they will grow old and die, and *then your hypothesis will become accepted.* Sounds crazy, we know, but that’s how science works!”

– Numerical Recipes in C, 2nd Ed.

Despite his occasional snubs at religion and creationism, perhaps as part of his ‘scientific conditioning, this is easily one of the very best introductions to the philosophical aspects of modern cosmology.

Runtime = 65 minutes


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