Six old and new Japanese haikus

Jun 20th, 2011 | By | Category: Poetry

  1. Kato, Shuson
    I kill an ant
    and realize my three children
    have been watching.
  2. Shiki, Masaoka.
    The summer river:
    although there is a bridge, my horse
    goes through the water.
  3. Takahama, Kyoshi
    The winds that blows –
    ask them, which leaf on the tree
    will be next to go.
  4. Basho, Matsuo
    Clouds appear
    and bring to men a chance to rest
    from looking at the moon.
  5. Issa
    Right at my feet –
    and when did you get here,
  6. Kojo
    Night, and the moon!
    My neighbor, playing on his flute –
    out of tune!

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