Poetry : “E Equals Empty Scared” by Donaya Haymond

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Donaya Haymond is a published novelist and writer from Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA. Her four novels so far “Halloween Romance”, “Bite Me”, “Waking Echoes”, and “Humans and Demons and Elves” (Eternal Press) are available on Amazon. In this poem, Donaya presents a fictional account of the anguish that must have gone through one of the greatest minds of our times, on the day the first Atomic Bomb detonated amidst humanity.

He read the news today, oy vey,
what he had wrought, helped to birth, helped
to bring forth, inspired, planted –
all this death in the name of less death
poison in the name of healing, matter to energy
matter to mind.

He imagined the smell of burnt flesh, the sound
of cries and weeping, the slow shuffle of survivors,
skin hanging off their bodies like rags, nightmarish
eyes melted from looking up at the wrong moment,
children wailing for mothers, mothers screaming
for children, was it worth it, was it necessary
was it right?

The generations to come with cancers, mental scars
the plight, the blight, the loss of so much potential,
vitality struck down, for when all you have is two hammers,
you are tired of all these nails, the explosions, the terror
could not have been without him, most likely, though some other
way might have been found, it would not have rested
upon his feeling shoulders, growing feebler with the years
and the weight of too much influence, too much change,
too much blood on hands he had helped place on the button,
too much sorrow for an aging, peace-minded man.

The world was not kind enough, he thought, for him
to ever know if it would have been better
had he burned the papers where he’d written the formula
had he thought of the potential and kept silent
had he never been born, if there would be more life
or less, if the land of the rising sun and now
of the rising mushroom clouds would have dragged
war on, on, into more death, or if there would have
been another way, if some god could hear him, some could
tell him if he was a killer by proxy or a necessary savior,
how grateful he would be.

The world might remember him as a man of science,
or the father of the mightiest of weapons, or it might
remember nothing at all, lost to what he had sired
wiped and scoured by hate and madness,
but he could not take it back, he could only speak out,
hope for the better natures of men, hope they knew
he never meant it, hope they learned
it was too heavy a blow to repeat,
hope that Albert Einstein would be forgiven.

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