From the Editors

Introductory message from the editors

A warm welcome to all our readers.

The idea of metta-physics was born out of the practical necessity of incorporating a modern, pragmatic worldview in our daily lives :  one that inspires us to understand ourselves as much as we try to probe the world around us.

‘Metta’ the traditional Buddhist terminology for loving kindness, is perhaps the best starting point in the search for personal meaning, easily integrated with the scientific worldview. This magazine aims to explore this huge interface between science and spirituality, although we are by no means sure they are different things. Likewise, we use the word ‘spirituality’ stripped of all  its theological connotations, as a simple act of looking within ourselves.

We would like to make it clear at the outset that this is not a magazine on ‘Buddhism’. Rather we would prefer to call our focus as influenced by traditional and modern Buddhist thinking, while aspiring to retain a truly secular and non-denominational  identity. The inspiration from Buddhist thinking arises from its emphasis on putting our own minds at the center of our worldview, although not necessarily subscribing to any anthropic models that are fashionable in some scientific circles.

Regards and we hope to all enjoy our individual journeys towards wisdom.