Life & Work

Hence, there is a time to go ahead and a time to stay behind.
There is a time to breathe easy and a time to breathe hard.
There is a time to be vigorous and a time to be gentle.
There is a time to gather and a time to release.

Can you see things as they are
And let them be all on their own?


The sections under Life and Work include :

  1. Living mindfully :Metta-Physics aims to portray traditions of meditation and mindfulness in action from a variety of traditions, and this section highlights the latest research and trends within this burgeoning field on one hand, and probe deeper into the traditional methods as well.
  2. Work, Family and Relationships :This section combines psychology and spiritual perspectives for modern challenges in living. While we would make no effort to discuss social and family issues (as this is not the right medium), we would be inviting professionals in the caring and counseling professions to put forward their views regarding facing real issues at families, relationships and work.