Work, Family and Relationships

  • How Spirituality can be the secret ingredient of happiness in relationships Are relationship problems the most important aspect of unhappiness, or personal unhappiness the greatest factor in relationship problems ? This is a typical example of circularity in logic that makes objective, scientific studies of happiness often meaningless, due to a huge overlap in criteria being defined for such studies. A typical such study was ... (Read more ...)
  • Teaching children Reason in a Spiritually Uncertain Age Handing over our assumptions and beliefs to our children  is no longer something we can continue doing without questioning ourselves as we have done in the past. To tell a child that Santa Claus actually doesn’t exist is quite different from handing him or her over, our deepest personal beliefs we  have acquired over the ... (Read more ...)
  • Applying baby-steps in Buddhism to unhappiness at work Every time the economic pendulum swings to a recession and the dynamics of the labour market swings towards underemployment, uncertainty and difficult conditions to land the ‘perfect’ job follow. Job satisfaction under these situations should logically plummet downwards. And in a recent survey carried out in the USA last year (1), only 45 percent of ... (Read more ...)