Public Domain Books (with download links)

  • ‘CHRISTIAN SCIENCE’ BY MARK TWAIN Here is one of the lesser known books by Mark Twain, a witty and acerbic literary attack on Christian science and its founder, Mary Baker Eddy.”Mother Eddy deserves a place in the Trinity as much as any member of it. She has organized and made available a healing principle that for two ... (Read more ...)
  • A BRIEFER HISTORY OF TIME : ERIC SCHULMAN ‘A BRIEFER HISTORY OF TIME’ by ERIC SCHULMAN (1999) Type : Non-fiction, Comedy Suitable for Age Group : All Eric Schulman’s book is loosely parodied around Stephen Hawking’s ‘A Brief History of Time’ written 16 years earlier. The comedy is refreshing while the science is accurate, all the way from the moment of singularity to the rise of ... (Read more ...)
  • Siddhartha : Herman Hesse SIDDHARTHA by HERMAN HESSE (1922) Type : Novella Suitable for age group : 16 + Hesse’s 12-chapter novel on a Hindu contemporary of The Buddha explores the totality of enlightenment that can only be gained through personal experience. In a later lecture Hesse explained : “Buddha’s way to salvation has often been criticized and doubted, because ... (Read more ...)